Good evening, and welcome to Sun Tzu SC2ays! In this subsite you can find the only chapter by chapter analysis of Sun Tzu's The Art of War from a Starcraft 2 player's point of view. Bear in mind that this is not really a game guide, rather, it is an analysis of how the foundations of strategic warfare laid down in The Art of War can be applied in Starcraft 2. Nonetheless, beginners and pros alike should find this analysis interesting. Well known strategies and tactics are discussed in light of the principles in The Art of War. Why Starcraft 2? Because Sun Tzu says that Starcraft 2 is awesome! Okay, he doesn't say that - he's been dead for over two millennia,  in case you didn't know - but if he still lived, he certainly would!

The analysis will be uploaded here (soon) in the form of a series of audio logs, starting with Chapter 1: Laying Plans. Stay tuned!