I say find him and kill him on the spot! But try to find the demon as well. Oh, and get a shipment of elven wine, too! We could have a nice feast... - Supreme Councilor Achmor, 2 years, 3 months, and 3 days before Twilightfall

Supreme Councilor Achmor Dahnir, the dwarven member of the Supreme Council was a skilled warrior in his prime. His reign as Councilor made him soft however, and he eventually adopted a largely hedonistic lifestyle, not even bothering to address any problems his people may have had and only caring about the quality of the food on his plate. Achmor has always been far from being a strong ruler, but still strong enough to firmly hold on to his position in the Council.

In the years leading up to Twilightfall he has no idea that in the near future he will come to face his toughest test in life, and only time will tell if he is in shape enough to face what is coming for him.